Information about The Simcha Mall

How it works

How it works

   I'm sure by now you know it's Search. Compare. Book. But we'll say that with a little more explanation.

   So your making a Simcha, or any event for that matter, that needs a Band. The event is taking place in Monsey NY. What do you do?


   You can either Browse all services or use our search bar to search for your needs. So you would put in 'Band' or 'Music' into the search bar. You can even add a location to your search, for example put in Monsey NY to have your local options come up first to perhaps save a dollar.
   So... You'll now see all your Band options near Monsey NY in front of you with the price they ask for deposit (which is the amount you will pay through 'The Simcha Mall' to confirm your booking). You can narrow down your search by adding filters like the type of event your event is, and only having the options that perform at your type of event show up. Now it's time to...


   Now that all your relevant options are in front of you, you can now compare them. We make sure all vendors include lots of details so you can see everything in front of you without having to ask questions. Of course if you do have questions you can contact the vendor directly with our messaging system. We encourage all our vendors to answer messages asap, so don't you worry about the wait time for a response!

   Seeing is Believing! Over the phone, you would never know how this singer sings, or how that musician plays, but that's not a problem here. See for yourself! Watch videos, see pictures of the service and get a real feel of the work they provide. Look at their Pricing Details, check for upgrades you might be interested in. And again, if you need more details or if you have questions or concerns, just send them a message! If you see more than one option that sounds perfect for you-message them all! Make sure you get all the details you need so you don't have any surprises later. Also make sure to find out if the vendor is available (by using the 'contact' button) before getting your hopes up. If your having problems make your desicion feel free to contact 'The Simcha Mall' we're always happy to help. Once you've made your decision - it's time to...


   So the way we made this process go smooth without having any miscommunications, is, when you 'Request to Book' a vendor, the payment will only go through if the service provider accepts the gig. Once he 'accepts' your card is charged the deposit (downpayment) amount. And Boom! Your good to go! The remainder of the Balance is to be paid at or before the event, directly to the vendor. You also mark the order as completed (up to 90 days after the vendor accepts the payment). Once you do that, you can now leave reviews and feedback on the service provider, to let others know what you thought.