Information about The Simcha Mall



About 'The Simcha Mall'

   The Simcha Mall is a marketplace designed to book Simcha Services / Vendors like musicians, choirs, singers etc for your Simcha / Event. There was never such a thing in the Jewish industry before. Why not? Who cares! It's here now! Don't cry over spoiled milk ;)

   If your making a Simcha it's easy as pie to find what your looking for and book services on the spot by giving a deposit / down payment. All your options are displayed in front of you, with pictures, videos, pricing details, cancellation details , upgrades available and all other info you would possibly try to find out by making tens and hundreds of phone calls and hoping to get the right answers. There's only to gain here.

   If your a Service Provider, it's easy as.... (Hmmm... should I say 'pie' again? No wayyy you used that word already! Yeah, I guess your right...). Anyway, if your a Service Provider, it's easy as string beans to find clients and get booked! You get your business in front of clients who would've maybe never heard of you or found you! Now, they can find you with just searching one word. Boom! They see you. They like you. They book you! How's that? That's as awesome as String Beans! (Did I use that one yet?) That's as awesome as pie!

Why use 'The Simcha Mall'

   Did you ever make a Simcha? Finding the right musician, singer, or whatever your looking for, can not only be as stressful as chickpeas, but can also take hours and hours until you find someone who thinks he may of heard of this guy, but is still not sure if he's good for your type, and is also not sure if he went up in price or if he still sings. And even if he's sure he knows, he lost his number. He thinks. Now, no more of these problems! You just put in your in search of a Band in Boro Park and your options are all there! Compare your options, see which one suits you best based on style and budget, you can even contact the vendors directly through our secure messaging system.... And... You guessed it! Book! That's All! They're comin your way!

   Now same goes to Service Providers, well, not same, but different. Huh? No idea. How are all my potential clients supposed to reach me? Who said they have my number? Who said I want them to have my number? :) How am I supposed to get bookings? How is Mr. Mushroom who just got engaged supposed to know about me, if he doesn't even know if music has a smell or not? And the list goes on and on and on... But now... Every single one of these problems are solved! They search for a Badchan, Your a Badchan, Your name shows up, he sees you, he likes you, he books you! You now have your own Website / Storefront on our site! Everyone can see photos, videos and all details you provide with just one click! (or a bunch of clicks if they're mouse is broken). They can contact you right here too! Boom! It's that simple! Just put out a new video? Upload it for everyone to see!